In exercise of the powers conferred by, subsection of section  37 Apprentices Act, 1961 (52 of 1961) and after  consulting  the  Central   Apprenticeship   Council,   the  Central  Government   hereby   makes  the following  rules   in  supersession   of  the  Apprenticeship  Rules,1962,  except  as  respects  things  done  or  omitted  to  be done before such supersession, namely:-

1.   Short title and commencement -

       (1)   These rules may be called the Apprenticeship  Rules,1992.

       (2)   They shall come into force on  the  date  of  their publication in the

       Official Gazette.

2.   Definitions  -

       In   these   rules,   unless  the  context  otherwise  requires:-

       (1)   "Act"  means  the Apprentices Act,1961 (52 of  1961);

       (2)   "Diploma Holder"   means    a   person    who   holds   a   diploma  in 

              engineering   or technology   or equivalent  qualification  granted  by      

              a  State  Board  of  Technical  Education, or  recognised by the State

              Government  concerned or the Central Government.

      (3)   "Engineering Graduate" means a person, who-

               (a)      holds  a degree in engineering or technology  granted by-

                        (i)   a statutory University, or

                        (ii)  an  institution  empowered  to   grant  such degree by an Act of


               (b)      has  passed   the  graduateship  examination  of  professional  bodies

                      recognised   by   the Central Government as equivalent to degree;  


               (c)       holds the qualifications  which  exempt  him from  Sections  A  and

                      B examinations  of the Institution of Engineers (India). 


        (4)    "Vocational Certificate  Holder" means a person who  holds  a certificate  in 

                a  Vocational Course,  involving two years  of study   after   the   completion  

                of secondary stage of school education, recognized by the All India Council

                for Technical Education;

        (5)    "National Classification of Occupations" means the National  Classification  

                of   Occupations adopted  by  the  Government of India, Ministry of Labour 

                Directorate General of Employment and Training;

         (6)    "Registered Medical Practitioner" means a person whose name is entered 

                 in the register maintained under any law for the time being in  force  in 

                 any State   regulating   the  registration of practitioners of  medicine;

         (7)   "Sandwich Course Student" means a student  undergoing a Sandwich

                Course of  studies at any of the technical institutions recognised for  the

                purpose and leading to the award of  degree  or   diploma  in  engineering  

                or  technology;

          (8)     "Schedule" means the  Schedule  appended  to  these rules;

          (9)      "Standard   Industrial   Classification"   means   the  Standard  Industrial  

                  Classification  adopted  by   the Government of India, Ministry  of Labour,

                  Directorate General of Employment and Training;

         (10)      All  the  words and expressions, not defined here in these rules, but

                  defined in the Act,  shall have the same meaning as given to them in the

                  said Act.

<![ ]>


3.    Standard of Education -


      (1)   A person shall be eligible for being engaged as a trade apprentice - if he

             satisfies the minimum educational qualifications as specified in Schedule-1.


     (2)   A person shall be eligible for being engaged  as  a  Graduate  or Technician  

            or Technician (Vocational) apprentice if he  satisfies  one  of  the  minimum 

            educational qualifications specified in Schedule-IA:

       Provided that:-

            (a)    no Engineering Graduate  or  Diploma Holder or  Vocational  Certificate

                    holder   who  had training or job experience for a period  one  year  or

                    more, after the attainment of these qualifications shall be eligible  for 

                    being  engaged as an apprentice under the Act;

  (b)    no Sandwich Course Student shall be eligible  for being engaged as an apprentice under the  Act after  passing the final examination of  the  technical institution wherein such student is undergoing the course unless so approved by the Regional Central Apprenticeship Advisers;

(c)      a person who has been a Graduate   or     Technician   or   Technician    (Vocational) apprentice  under   the  Act  and    in   whose  case   the    contract of apprenticeship was terminated for any  reason  whatsoever  shall   not  be  eligible    for   being  engaged as  an apprentice  again  under the Act without the  prior   approval   of   the   Apprenticeship Adviser.

4.    Standard of Physical Fitness -


      (1)    A  person  shall be eligible for being engaged as an apprentice if he satisfies

              the minimum standards of  physical fitness specified in Schedule-II.


                       Provided that  a   person   who   has   undergone institutional training

              in a  school  or  other  institution recognised  by  or affiliated to the National

              Council or the  All India  Council or a Statutory University or a State  Board 

               of    Technical   Education   and   has  passed  the  examination   or   tests

               conducted by   these bodies,  or  is  undergoing institutional  training  in  a 

               school  or institution so  recognised   or  affiliated   in  order  that he may

               require a degree or diploma in  engineering or   technology or certificate in

               vocational  course  or   equivalent   qualification  shall,  if   he   has  already

               undergone medical  examination  in accordance  with  the  rules  for the

               admission to the school or  institution, be deemed to have complied with

               the  provisions of this rule.


                         2Provided  further  that the standards  of fitness specified for item (4) 

                relating  to  "EARS"  and  item  (6) relating  to  “SPEECH"  of schedule II

                shall not apply in the case of a person who is deaf or dumb or deaf  and 

                dumb  for the following trades, namely:-

               (a)   Building and Furniture Trades Group:


                      1.       Plumber

                      2.       Carpenter.

                      3.       Furniture and Cabinet Maker.

                      4.       Sports Goods Maker (Wood)


               (b)   Draughtsman   and   Surveyors  Trades  Group


                      1.       Draughtsman (Civil)

                (c)  Printing Trades Group.


                      1.  Process Cameraman.

                      2.  Retoucher Lithographic.

                      3.  Engraver.

                      4.  Book Binder.

               (d)   Hotel & Catering Trades Group


                      1.  Cook (General).

                      2.  Cook (Vegetarian).

                      3.  Baker and Confectioner.

               (e)   Cutting and Tailoring Trades Group.


                      1.   Designer and Master Cutter.

                      2.   Tailor (Men)

                      3.   Tailor (Women)

                      4.   Tailor (General)

               (f)    Agriculture    Trades   Group 


                      1.       Horticulture Assistant.

              (g)   Painting Trades Group


                      1.       Painter (General).

              (h)   Group No.1-Machine Shop Trades Group:

                      1.    Fitter

                      2.    Turner.

               (i)    Group No.  3- Metal Working Trades Group:


                      1.    Sheet Metal Worker.

                      2.    Welder (Gas and Electric)

               (j)    Group No.4- Electrical Trades Group


                      1.    Wireman.


       (2)    Without  prejudice  to  the  generality  of  the  foregoing provision  where  a

               physically handicapped  person registered at any Employment Exchange is

               declared,  by  either  the  medical  board  attached  to  Special Employment

               Exchanges  for  the    physically   handicapped  or  the  local  Civil  Surgeon

               (where  such  Medical  Board  has not been  constituted) to be physically fit

               for  being  engaged  as an apprentice in any of the designated trades under 

               the  Apprentices  Act.   1961, he  may  be engaged as an apprentice in that


5.    Reservation  of Training Places:-

                In  respect of each of the states specified in column (2) of the Schedule-IIA

        training places shall be  reserved by the employer for the Schedule Castes and

       Scheduled Tribes in every  designated trade so that the ratio of the apprentices

       belonging  to  the  Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to the total number

       of apprentices in such designated trade  or trades shall be specified in columns

       (3) and (4) of  the said Schedule (and where there is more than one designated 

       trade in   an   establishment such training places shall be reserved also on the 

       basis   of    total   number   of   apprentices   in   all   designated trades in such



                Provided  that  when  the prescribed number of persons belonging either 

        to   the  Scheduled   Castes   or to the Scheduled  Tribes are not available, the

        training   places   so   reserved  for them may be filled by persons belonging to 

        the  Scheduled  Tribes  or  as  the case may be, to the Scheduled Caste and if  

       the  prescribed  training  places  can  not  be  filled  even  in  the  above given 

       manner, then the training  places  so lying unfilled may be filled by persons 

       not belonging to the Scheduled Castes or the Scheduled Tribes.

6.    Registration  of  Contract  of  Apprenticeship :-

(1)      Every employer shall send to the Apprenticeship Adviser the contract  

           of apprenticeship  for  registration within three months of the date on

          which it was signed.

(2)(a)   The    Central Government   may   specify,  model  contract forms for the

 following categories of apprentices:-

                     (i)        Trade Apprentices:

                     (ii)       Graduate. Technician and Technician (Vocational) Apprentices

(b)   The  model  contract form as may be specified by the Central   Government with such variation as the  circumstances of  each  case  may  require,  be  used  for  the respective purposes therein mentioned.

(3)      The obligation of the employer and that of the trade apprentice shall be as specified in  Schedule-V.  The  terms and  conditions  in  respect  of  graduate,  technician  and technician (vocational) apprentices shall be as specified in Schedule-VI.

7.    Period of Apprenticeship Training -

(1)     The period of apprenticeship training  in  the  case  of trade  apprentices referred to in clause (b) of Section 6 of the Act shall be as specified in schedule-I.

(2)(a)  Where  a  trade apprentice is unable to complete the full apprenticeship course within the periods prescribed  in sub-rule  (1)  or  to take the final test owing to illness or other circumstances beyond his  control,  the  establishment concerned  shall  extend  the  period  of his apprenticeship until he completes the full apprenticeship  course  and  the next  test  is  held  if  so  required by the Apprenticeship Adviser, Similar extension of the  period  of  training  may also  be  allowed in the case of those trade apprentices who having completed the course, fail in  the  final  test.    A  trade  apprentice who fails in the second test shall not be allowed any extension of the period of training.

(b)     (i)  Where a  trade  apprentice  is  unable  to   complete  the  period  of apprenticeship training due to strike  or  lockout or  layoff  in  an  establishment  where  he is undergoing training and is not instrumental for the same, the period of his apprenticeship training shall be extended for  a  period equal  to the period of strike or lockout or layoff ,  as the case may be, and he shall be paid stipend during the  period of  such  strike  or  lockout  or layoff or for a maximum period of six months, which ever is less;

  (ii) If the strike or lockout or layoff  is  likely  to continue  for a longer period, the employer shall follow the procedure for novation of contract of  apprenticeship  of  a trade  apprentice  referred  to in clause (i) with the other employer as specified in section 5 of the Act.

(3)      In the case of trade apprentices  other  than  those covered  by clause (a) of section 6 of the Act, the first six months of the period of training shall be treated as  period of probation.

(4)(a)  The period  of  apprenticeship  training  in  the   case   of   Engineering  Graduates,  Diploma  holders   and   Vocational Certificate holders shall be one year.

    (b)  In  the  case   of   Sandwich   Course   Students,  the period of practical training they undergo as part of  apprenticeship  course of studies shall be the period of apprenticeship training.

  (c)    Where a Graduate/Technician/Technician  (Vocational) Apprentice   is   unable   to   complete   the   period   of Apprenticeship Training due to strike / lockout/  layoff  in  as  establishment where he is undergoing  training   and   is   not  instrumental   in   the  same, the period of his Apprenticeship Training would be extended equal to   the   period   of strike/lockout/layoff  and he shall be paid stipend during the period 

          of such strike/lock out/layoff or for a maximum period of six months.  whichever is less.

(d)    If  the  strike/lock out/  lay off  is  likely  to continue for a longer period, the employer shall follow  the procedure for novation of contract of apprenticeship for the apprentices  referred  to  in  clause  (c)  with  the  other employer as specified in section 5 of the Act.


84       Compensation for termination of apprenticeship :

Where  the  contract of apprenticeship is terminated through failure on the part of any  employer  in  carrying  out  the terms  and conditions thereof, such employer shall be liable to pay the apprentice compensation of an  amount  equivalent to his three months last drawn stipend.

9.       Qualifications of persons placed in charge of the training of apprentices:-

A  person placed in charge of the training of apprentices by  the employer shall possess the qualifications  specified  in Schedule IV to these rules.

The person so appointed shall be of the  appropriate level  commensurate  with  the  number  of seats located for apprenticeship training and size of the establishment.

95  a   Staffing     pattern    and    qualifications    of instructional staff for  practical  and  basic  training  of apprentices

Staffing pattern and qualifications of instructional staff  for  imparting  practical  and  basic   training   to apprentices shall be as specified in Schedule IV A


10.      Maintenance of record of work by apprentices:-

Every Graduate  or  Technician  or  Technician  (Vocational) Apprentice shall maintain a daily record of the work done by him relating to the apprenticeship training in the form of a workshop or laboratory note book.

11.      Payment of stipend to apprentices:-

 (1)6   The minimum rate of stipend payable to trade apprentices shall be as follows, namely:-

a.   During the First Year of Training               Rs. 2100/-per month.

b.   During the Second year of Training            Rs. 2400/-per month.

c.   During the Third year of Training                Rs. 2800/-per month

d.   During the Fourth year of Training              Rs. 3100/-per month

Provided that  in  the  case  of  trade  apprentices referred  to  in  clause  (a)  of  section 6 of the Act, the period of training already undergone by them in a school or other institution  recognized by the National Council, shall be taken into account for the purpose of determining the rate of stipend payable.


(2)7      The    minimum   rates   of   stipend   payable   to Graduate, Technician and Technician (Vocational)  Apprentices shall be as follows namely:-

                      a.     Graduate Apprentices                                Rs. 3560/-per month

                              (for post-institutional training)

           b.    Sandwich course                                         Rs. 2530/-per month.

                  (Students from Degree institutions)

           c.     Technician Apprentices                             Rs. 2530/-per month             


          d.     Sandwich course                                         Rs. 2070/-per month.

                  (Students from Diploma institutions)

          e.     Technician (Vocational) apprentices        Rs.1090/-per month.

(3)     The stipend for a particular month shall be paid  by the tenth day of the

          following  month.

(4)      No deduction shall be made from the stipend for  the period during which an apprentice remains on casual leave or medical leave.   Stipend shall, however, not be paid for the period for which  an  apprentice  remains  on  extraordinary leave.

(5)      Notwithstanding  anything  contained  in  this rule, where an establishment has   a   system   of   deferred   payment  whereby   only   a    portion  of  the  stipend  is  paid to the apprentice every month  and  the  balance  is  paid  to  the apprentice on    the   completion   of   training  such  establishment shall be free to continue  such system provided that the minimum amount paid to the  apprentices  every   month  shall   not be less than the monthly stipend prescribed under these  rules  and  no  deduction  is  made  from  the   said accumulated amount  on any account.  Establishments which do not already have such a system shall be free to institute  a system on the same conditions.

(6)     The  continuance  of payment of stipend to an apprentice shall be subject to the work and conduct of  the  apprentice being satisfactory.

(7)      Where   the   work   and   conduct  of  the apprentice is not satisfactory, the employer shall report the  matter  to  the Apprenticeship  Adviser  and  with  his consent may stop the continuance of payment of stipend to the apprentices.

Provided that the stipend of an apprentice shall not be stopped  without  intimating  him  the  grounds  thereof and giving him an opportunity of representing against the action proposed.

(8)      On report being made by the employer under sub-rule(7) the  Apprenticeship  Adviser  shall   give   his  decision  thereon within thirty days of the receipt of the report and where the Apprenticeship Adviser does not communicate to the employer  refusal  to consent to the stopping of the payment of stipend within the period of thirty days,  it  shall  be deemed that he has consented to the stopping of the stipend

12.         Hours  of  work:-

(1)      The  weekly hours of work of a trade apprentice undergoing practical training shall  be  as follows, namely:-

          (a)    The  total   number   of  hours    per    week    shall    be    42   to 48

                  hours (including the time spent on Related Instruction)

(b)    Trade  apprentices  undergoing  basic  training   shall ordinarily

        work  for  42  hours per week including the time spent on Related


(c)     Trade   apprentices   during   the   second   year  of apprenticeship shall work  for  42 to  45  hours  per  week including the time spent on Related Instruction.

(d)     Trade apprentice during the third and  subsequent  years of  apprenticeship  shall  work for the same number of hours per week as the workers in the trade in the establishment in which the  trade  apprentice  is  undergoing  apprenticeship training.

(2)       No   trade   apprentice  shall   be  engaged  on  such training between the hours of  10.00  P.M.    to  6.00  A.M. except with the prior approval of the Apprenticeship  Adviser  who shall give his approval of the Apprenticeship Adviser  who  shall  give  his  approval  if  he  is  satisfied  that it is in  the  interest of the training of the trade apprentice or in public interest.

(3)       Graduate,  Technician  and   Technician   (Vocational  ) Apprentices shall work according to the normal hours of work  of  the  department  in  the establishment to which they are attached for training.

13.      Grant  of leave to apprentices:-

(1)      In establishments  where  proper  leave  rules  do not exist or the  total  leave  of  different  types  admissible to their workers is less than  thirty  seven  days in a year,  the apprentice shall be entitled to the following kinds of leave and  subject  to the conditions specified under each kind of  leave.

(a)       Casual leave:-

(i)       Casual leave shall be admissible for a maximum  period of twelve days in a year.

(ii)      Any holiday intervening  during  the  period of  casual leave shall not be counted for  the purpose  of  the  limit of twelve days.

(iii)    Casual leave not  utilised  during  any  year  shall stand lapsed at the end of the year.

(iv)     Casual  leave  shall  not  be  combined with medical leave. If casual leave is preceded or  followed  by  medical leave,  the  entire  leave  taken shall be treated either as medical or casual leave,  provided  that  it  shall  not  be allowed  to  exceed the maximum period prescribed in respect of medical or casual leave, as the case may be.

(v)      Except in case of extreme urgency  applications  for  such   leave   shall  be  made  to  the  appropriate authority and sanction obtained prior to availing of leave.

(b)       Medical leave.

(i)       Medical leave up to fifteen days for  each  year  of training  may  be granted to the apprentice who is unable to attend duty owing to illness.  The  unused  leave  shall  be allowed to accumulate upto a maximum of forty days.

(ii)      Any holiday intervening during the period of medical leave shall be treated as medical leave and accounted for in the limits prescribed under clause(i) above.

(iii)    The employer may call upon the apprentice to produce  a  medical  certificate  from  a  registered medical  practitioner in support  of  his  medical  leave.  A Medical  certificate shall, however, be necessary if  the leave exceeds six days.

(iv)     It shall be  open  to  the  employer  to  arrange  a special  medical  examination  of  an  apprentice  if he has reason to believe that the apprentice is not really  ill  or the   illness  is  not  of  such  a  nature  as  to  prevent attendance. 

(v)8      A female apprentice with one surviving child may be granted  maternity  leave  for  a period of 90 days from the date of its commencement without payment of stipend and  the  apprenticeship    training    period   shall   be   extended  accordingly.  The monthly  stipend  shall  be  paid  to  the apprentice during such extended period.

(c)       Extraordinary leave:-

(i)         Extraordinary leave upto a maximum of ten days or more in a year may be granted to the apprentice, after he has  exhausted  the  entire  casual  & medical leave, if the employer is satisfied with the genuineness of the grounds on which the leave is applied for.

(2)             In establishments where proper leave rules exist for workers, the  leave  to  apprentices  shall be granted by the employers in accordance with those rules.

Provided that in the case of trade apprentices grant of such leave shall be subject to the following conditions, namely:-

(a)      That every apprentice engaged in an establishment which works for five days in a week (with a total of 45 hours per week) shall put in a minimum attendance  of 200 days in a year out of which one sixth, namely 33 days shall be devoted to related instructions and 167 days to practical training.

(b)     That every apprentice engaged in an establishment  which works  for  51/2 days or six days in a week shall put in minimum attendance of 240 days in a year, out of  which  one sixth,   namely   40   days  shall  be  devoted  to  related instructions and 200 days to practical training.


(c)      an apprentice who for any  reason is not able to undergo  training  for the period specified in clause (a) or clause (b) shall be given an opportunity to make up for  the shortfall  in  the  following  year and shall be eligible to take the test conducted by the National Council:-

(i)       If he is engaged in an establishment referred to  in clause  (a)  only if he has completed the period of training and has put in minimum attendance of 600 days  or  800  days accordingly as the period of training is three years or four years;

(ii)     if  he is engaged in an establishment referred to in clause (b) only if he has completed the period  of  training and  has put in a minimum attendance of 720 days or 960 days accordingly as the period  of  training  is  three  years or  four years.

(3)      If  the  trade  apprentice is not able to put in the minimum period of attendance specified in clause (c)  of the proviso to sub-rule (2) during the period of training for  circumstances  beyond  his  control and the employer is satisfied with the ground for shortfall  in  attendance  and certifies  that  the  apprentice has otherwise completed the full apprenticeship course he shall be considered as  having completed  the full period of training and shall be eligible to take the test conducted by the National Council.

(4)      If  a  trade apprentice is not able to put in the minimum period of apprenticeship specified  in  clause  (c)  of  the proviso to  sub-rule  (2) during the period of training and has not completed the full apprenticeship course he shall not be considered as having completed the full period  of  training and the employer shall, under sub-rule (2) of rule 7, extend his   period   of  training  until  he  completes  the  full apprenticeship course and the next test is held.

14.       Record  and returns:-

(1)      Establishments referred to in items (b) and (c) of sub-clause  (1)  of  clause  (d)  of section  2  of  the  Act shall submit returns as hereinafter provided to the respective Regional Director.

(2)       Establishments referred to in item (b) of sub-clause   (2) of clause (d) of Section  2  of  the  Act  shall submit  returns  as  hereinunder  provided to the respective State Apprenticeship Adviser.

(3)            Within seven days from the date a  trade  apprentice joins  an  establishment,  the  employer  shall  prepare the return in form Apprenticeship – 4 in Schedule-III  in  duplicate and  shall  submit  one  return  to the Regional Director or State Apprenticeship Adviser as the case  may  be,  and  the other  to the Principal or Head of the Institute where Basic Training or Related Instructions shall be imparted.

(4)      As  soon   as   a   trade   apprentice   joins   the establishment,  the  employer  shall  prepare  an index card (Envelope) in Form    Apprenticeship  -I  in  Schedule-III  in duplicate  and shall submit one of the cards to the Regional Director or State Apprenticeship Adviser, as the case may be, within a period of fifteen days of the date of  registration of  the  contract of apprenticeship and retain the other one with him.

(5) (a) Every employer shall  maintain  a  record  of  Basic Training  or  Practical Training and Related Instructions in Form   Apprenticeship-IA   in   Schedule-III, Information regarding Basic Training  or  Practical  Training shall be based on the syllabus approved by the Central Apprenticeship Council and  operations  actually  performed  by  the  trade apprentice during the half year under review, every employer shall send a copy of this report to the Regional Director or the State Apprenticeship Adviser, as the case may be, at the end  of  every  half year, and the said report shall be kept inside form Apprenticeship-I.

(b)   In case where the Basic Training  is  given  to  the Trade  Apprentices at an institute set up by the Government, reports during the  period  of  such  training,  giving  the required information shall be furnished to the establishment by   the   Head   of   the   Institute   concerned  in  form Apprenticeship-IA in duplicate.

(c)     The details relating to  "Trade  Theory"  “Workshops Calculation  and  Science" "Engineering Drawing " and “Social Studies " shall be entered  periodically  in form  Apprenticeship-IA, in Schedule-III by the establishments on the basis of half  yearly  report  which  is furnished by the authorities imparting   relating   instructions   in    Apprenticeship-I (Supplementary).

(6)      At the end of each  half  year  every  establishment shall  in respect of trade apprentices receiving training in the establishment submit a report in  form  Apprenticeship-2 in Schedule-III    to  the  Regional  Director  or the State Apprenticeship Adviser, as the case may be,  according  to the table below alongwith the relevant half yearly report in form Apprenticeship - IA in Schedule-III.


Report for period ending                 Date by which to be sent

                             March                                                   15th April

                             September                                            15th October

(7)(a)  Every employer shall during the months of November and May, submit to the Regional Director or the State  Apprenticeship Adviser, as the case may be, the particulars of such trade apprentices  who  satisfy  the  minimum  conditions  of  eligibility to appear in the ensuing  trade test in March or September and the  particulars  so  submitted  shall  be  in  form  Apprenticeship-3 in Schedule-III.

(b)   Having  scrutinised  the  eligibility  of such trade apprentices,   the   Regional   Director   or   the    State Apprenticeship Adviser, as the case may be, shall inform the employer  the  programme  of  the trade test and name of the trade testing centre.

(c)    After receiving the information under clause (b) the employer    shall    furnish   the   progress   reports   in Apprenticeship-I and    Apprenticeship-IA  in  Schedule-III  of the  eligible trade apprentices to the trade testing officer in  advance  and  not  later  than  seven  days  before  the commencement of the trade test.

(8)      Every  employer  shall  maintain   a   register   of attendance    of    the trade    apprentices   undergoing apprenticeship training  in  his  establishment  and  action taken  for  irregular  and  unauthorised  absence  shall  be recorded in the said register at the end of each month.

(9)      On  a   Graduate  or  Technician     or Technician (Vocational) apprentice joining an  establishment, the   employer   shall   prepare   index   cards   in   Form Apprenticeship-5  set  out  in  Schedule-III  with  complete bio-data and retain one card with himself and forward within ten  days from the date of the engagement of the apprentice, one card to each of the following authorities, namely:-

            (i)      The Central Apprenticeship Adviser:

            (ii)     The Director, Regional Board of  Apprenticeship Training

                     concerned; and

            (iii)     In the case of Sandwich course student,  the technical

                      Institution concerned.

(10)   Every  employer  shall maintain a record of the work done and the studies undertaken by the graduate,  technician and  technician  (Vocational)  apprentices  engaged  in  his establishment, for each quarter  and  at  the  end  of  each quarter shall send a report in Form Apprenticeship-6 set out in   Schedule-III   to   the  Director,  Regional  Board  of Apprenticeship Training concerned.

*Schedule I

[See Rule 3(1) and Rule 7 (1)]






(See rule 3(2))


Category of Apprentices

Minimum Educational Qualification



Graduate Apprentices 

(a)    A  degree  in engineering  or technology granted by

        a statutory University.


(b)    A degree in   engineering   or technology granted by

        an  institution empowered to grant such degrees by

        an Act of Parliament.


(c)    Graduate examination of professional  bodies 

        recognised  by  the Central Government as

        equivalent  to a degree.


 (d)    A sandwich course student who is undergoing

         training in order that he may hold a degree in

         engineering or technology as mentioned at (a)  

         and (b) above.


 Technician  Apprentices  

a)      A  diploma  in engineering or Technology granted   by  a  State Council   or Board   of Technical Educational established by  a  State Government.


(b)      A  diploma in  engineering  or technology granted by a  University.


(c)      A diploma in engineering or technology granted by an Institute recognised by the State Government or Central Government as equivalent to (a) and (b) above.


(d)      A sandwich course student who is undergoing training in  order that he may hold a diploma mentioned in (a), (b)& (c) above.



(Vocational ) Apprentices

 (a)     A  certificate  in vocational  Course involving two years of  study after  the completion of the secondary stage of school education recognised by the All India Council for Technical education.                            


(b)    A sandwich course student who is undergoing

        training in order that he  may hold a certificate

        mentioned in (a) above    






(See rule 4)



Standard of physical fitness for training  

(1)     A  candidate  should  be   free  evidence of  any contagious or  infectious

         disease. He   should not  be suffering from any disease which is likely to

         be aggravated by  service  or is likely to   render him unfit for service or

         endanger the health of the public. He should also  be  free from evidence 

         of tuberculosis in any  form, active or healed.

(2)     Height, Weight And Chest

        Candidates  should satisfy the following minimum standards, namely:-

HEIGHT:   137  centimeters; Weight:25.4   Kilogram;   Chest expansion should not be less than 3.8 centimeters irrespective of size of chest:

Provide  that  where  a  candidate  does  not   satisfy  the said minimum  standards  but is certified in writing by a Medical Officer  not  below the  rank  of an   Assistant   Surgeon (Gazetted), to  be  physically fit for being engaged as an apprentice in a  particular  trade under  the  Apprentices Act,1961, he may be engaged as an apprentice in that trade.

(3)    EYES

There should be no evidence of any morbid  condition of either eye of the lids of either eye which may be liable to risk of aggracation of recurrence.

Standard of Vision  


(A)      Visual acuity:   9Candidates having vision in one eye shall eligible to undergo apprenticeship training except in the following seventeen trades, namely :-

            (1)      Electrician Aircraft                        (2)            Watch and Clock Mechanic

            (3)      Driver cum Fitter                          (4)             Surveyor

            (5)      Process Cameraman                     (6)            Sirdar

            (7)      Rigger(Engg. & Chem. Industry)   (8)            Shortfirer/Blaster(Mines)

            (9)      Mate(Mines)                                 (10)           Mech. Radio & Radar 


          (11)     Ceramic Moduler                          (12)           Ceramic Caster

          (13)     Ceramic Kiln Operator                  (14)           Ceramic Press Operator

          (15)     Ceramic Modeller                          (16)           Ceramic Decorator

          (17)     Optical worker


(b)    Colour vision: Not required

(4)     EARS


Hearing  must be good in both ears and  there should  be no  sign  of suppurative disease. No hearing aid shall be permitted.

(5)      SKIN


There should be no  evidence of  acute  or chronic skin disease or chronic ulceration.

(6)        SPEECH:        


Speech   should   preferably   be  without impediment.


1.      Candidates should have sufficient number of natural   teeth (in healthy state) for mastication.

2.       Spleen should not be palpably  enlarged  and there should be no evidence of tenderness in the splenic area.

3.       Liver should not be palpable or tender.

4.       There should be no oral sepsis.

5.        There should be no sugar in the urine.

6.       Candidates    should    not    be   suffering   from haemorrhoids, fissures in and testis anal hernia or bubonocele or ischio-rectal abscess or hydrocele.


1.      Blood pressure should not exceed 85  diastolic and 140 systolic.

2.       Candidates with low blood pressure  (i.e.  systolic  below 100) should be


3.       There  should be  no  sign of  any  cardiovascular disease.


Candidates should be  free from  all  diseases of respiratory system. There should be no deformity of chest which may cause impediment to breathing.


            There should be no evidence of genito urinary disease or any abnormality.



1.   The  function of  all limbs should be within normallimits.

2.   There should be no evidence of serious deformitym of   the spinal column

      or of the extremities.


(12)    NERVOUS SYSTEM:       

There  should  be no  evidence of  any  disease of nervous system or of any mental disease.


There should be no evidence of tuberculosis or other disease of the  glandular  system including  the  endocrine glands.




 (See rule 5)



Name of the State

Ratio of Scheduled Caste Apprentices to Total Apprentices  

Ratio of Scheduled Tribes Apprentices to Total Apprentices


Andhra Pradesh




















Himachal Pradesh 




Jammu & Kashmir












Madhya Pradesh   




































Uttar Pradesh   








West Bengal  




Andman.& Nicobar Islands




Arunachal Pradesh  








Dadar & Nagar Haveli 








Goa,Daman & Diu


















(See rule 14)


Front Side

PERSONAL DETAILS (Envelope Size 23 cms x 15 cms)



Name and address of the establishment:


Registration No.  and date of execution of contract of Apprentice    

Designated Trade      

Date/Year of  Birth  

Whether belongs  SC/ST   

Photo of Apprentice (passport size)   




Period of training as  per contract 

Date of commencement   of training 

Date of completion of training   

Date of completion, if period of   training extended



Name and address of apprentices  

 Name and address of   Father/Guardian 

Details of previous training, if any 

Name of Industrial Training Institute/Centre




Educational qualifications at entry                                Designated Trade


Examination passed 

Name of School/ Institute   



          Period   of     Training

From                             To

Examination  passed  from  National Council   for   Training  School   in Vocational Trade - 1 year/2 years



Basic Training imparted at  

Related Instruction imparted at   

Signature of Apprentice

Signature of  Training Officer




Back Side

(I,  II  & III to be completed by the employer before submitting it to the Trade Testing Officer)


I.     Total  No.  of  days  of  attendance   during  the entire period of apprenticeship training  

i)    Practical ...... days out of........       

ii)   Related Instruction....days out of ...... 

iii)   Total.........days out of.........       

II.        Consolidated  assessment  of half  yearly  report  (APP-IA) during  the  entire  period of apprenticeship training.

Subject                                   % of Sessional Marks

Trade Theory                                      ...........

W/Shop Cal. & Science                      ..........

 Engg. Drawing                                   ..........

 Social Studies                                   ..........

 Practical (Basic Training 

and Shop Training)                             ..........


III.   Conduct during apprenticeship  

IV.        Exemptions obtained by failed candidates in the   NCVT Trade Test   with Date/Dates






Minimum marks required for exemption

Exemption obtained with marks




I Chance                II Chance

Date                       Date

Signature of Training Officer 

Practical  (including sessional work)  


Trade theory  (including sessional work) 


Workshop Calculation and Science (including sessional work)


Engineering Drawing

















Report on Related Instruction for the half year ending ........................

From: Name and address of Industrial Training Institute

To:  Name  and  Address  of  the  Establishment for which Related Instruction of Apprentices is being carried out................................................


Sl. No.

Name of Apprentices 

Registration No.       

Designated Trades     

 W/Shop Cal.  Science           

Engg.  Drg.

Trade Theory   

Social  Study 

Attendance in days














 Note :

1.     A-Average,              BA-Below Average         AA-Above Average      

       AA-Above 70%          A-50% to 69%              BA-Below 50%

2.       In case Basic Training is imparted at the ITI., Form Apprenticeship-IA of such apprentices, completed upto March/September may be attached with this report, in duplicate.                



To be kept inside Form Apprenticeship-I

 Record of Practical Training & Related Instruction

Name of Establishment ...........................                                 Report for the half year ending.............

Name of apprentice...............................

Registration No.  ...............................

Designated Trade ................................

Name of the ITI for R.I., if the same is not imparted in the establishment........................


Serial number of operation as per prescribed list        

Name of Operation 

Months in which operations performed during the half year













GRADING                                                                          ATTENDANCE IN DAYS

Trade Theory

 W/Shop Cal.  & Science     

 Engineering  Drawing   

Social   Studies     


 Related Instruction









Related  Instruction


Signature  of Apprentice  

Signature of  Training  officer 


AA         Above 70%            Above 80%

A            50 to 60%              60 to 70%

BA         Below 50%             Below 60%


Note :    

Operations performed during half year should be indicated by putting a tick mark in the month column in which performed.




Name & address of the establishment        Report for the half year ending ______________  

____________________________       (Name of the Manager/Director) ______________

____________________________         _____________________________________

                                                               (Name & Designation of the Incharge Officer of Trg.


Name of Industry _________________

& Standard Industrial Classification Code No.     _________________________________ (Minor)                                                               Telex & Telephone No.

                                                                           Telegraphic Address

Name of product  ___________________________

Total number of workers ____________________




Designated Trade 

Number of workers other than    unskilled workers

 Number of apprentices to be  engaged        

No. of apprentice under training

Remarks/Reasons for shortfall if any

Fresher  under Basic trg.  

Fresher under  Shop trg.         




















*Apprentices joined during half year    

*Apprentices completed training during half year 

*Apprentices whose contracts terminated during half year











Number of apprentice under training



Arrangement of Related Instructions on

(i)      Day Release Basis

(ii)     Block Release Basis

(iii)    Any other Basis


Total number of Apprentices

Scheduled Castes Apprentices

Scheduled Tribes Apprentices

Physically Handicapped Apprentices

Women Apprentices



Apprentices under column 5 above are undergoing Basic              Apprentices under column 8 above are undergoing

Training at __________________________________               Related Instructions at own establishments

(Name of the Basic Training Centre)                                             in trades at Sl.  Nos.

                                                                                                    at ITI _______________

                                                                                                     in Trades at Sl. Nos. ____



Dated :                                                                                      Signature of Employer






Name of Establishment ____________________________________________________

        The apprentices whose particulars are given below are due to complete their period of  training on dates shown against each in accordance with the provisions of the Apprentices Act, 1961.

       They  are  being  sponsored  to  appear    in    the  All  India  Trade  Test  to  be  held  in March/Sept. ...............


Sl.  No.

Name of the apprentice & his father's name

Registration   number   

Designated   trade      

 Date of commencement of trg. 

Date of completion









Attendance (Likely) on the date of  completion training 


 Maximum possible  attendance i.e. total working days of the establishment

Conduct (Very good/ Good/Satisfactory)



Related Instruction    







       Progress record of these apprentices in Form APP-I and APP-IA will  be  submitted  to  the  Trade Testing Officer for evaluation of sessional marks at the time of Trade Test.

       Apprentices  who  also  complete  their  period  of  training  in  March/September,  but  whose candidature has been with held, due to other conditions of  eligibility  not  being  fulfilled,  are given below, with the reasons therefore. These apprentices have been informed accordingly.*

Signature of Employer


*    In case the period of apprenticeship of these apprentices is being extended under  Rule  7(2) of the Apprenticeship  

      Rules, 1992, same   may be indicated.




Name and Address of the Establishment : _____________________________________

       The  apprentices  whose  name  and particulars are noted below have been engaged for undergoing apprenticeship  training   under  the   Apprentices   Act,   1961   at    this    Establishment   during February/August, 19     .  They  are  qualified to be engaged as apprentices and satisfy the minimum requirements as laid down under the rules.


Sl. No.

Name of Apprentice

Educational Qualification 

If Ex-ITI boy particulars of trade and ITI    



Name of corresponding  designated  trade joined 

Date of  joining


Name of        ITI      


  Period  of  Trg.   







N.B. :  The contracts of apprenticeships in respect of the above mentioned apprentices  are  in  the  process of execution and will be forwarded within one month.


                                                                            Signature   of  Employer/Trg. Officer

                                                                    (Name and Designation)


           1.      The State Apprenticeship Adviser or the Regional Director

           2.      The Principal, Industrial Training Institute where Basic Training/

                    Related  Instructions  is   proposed  to  be imparted to the apprentice.  


                 The apprentices marked(*) will be released on Day/Block release basis for 

                  Related  Instruction at your Institution.



To be submitted within ten days from the date of engagement of  apprentices  -  applicable  only  to Graduate or Technician or Technician (Vocational) apprentices.


Please state whether the apprentice is a student of Sandwich course.              Yes/No

Personal Details


Name & Address of Establishment

Nature of Industry and Standard Industrial Classification Code No.

Registration No.  & Date of contract of apprenticeship 

Subject field in engineering/technology/vocational course         

Date of commencement of training





Name & address of apprentice   

Name & address of guardian   

Photo of apprentice passport size




Educational qualification at entry


Date & year of birth 

Examination passed   

Name of Institution 

Date of passing 




Period of training                            :

Date of completion of training        :

Rate of stipend to be paid






(To be submitted once in a quarter in respect of graduate or  technician  or  technician (vocational) apprentices)

Name ..........................................       Registration No.  .........................................

Subject field in Engineering or Technology or Vocational Course ..............................

under training at ........................................................................................................

Date of commencement...............................................................................................

Area of Training during the quarter .............................................................................

Progress report for quarter ....................................... .  to    .......................................

(i)               Aptitude for training _______________________________________________________________________

(ii)              Performance during the quarter         __________________________________________________________________

(iii)       Shortcomings, if any


(iv)       Reaction of trainee to corrective action at (iii) above


(v)         Assessment

              Excellent/Above Average/Average/Below Average

              (Strike out those not applicable)

       Signature of Officer/Executive Incharge of Training



                                    Signature of Manager of the Industry/Establishment





(See Rule 9)

1.        In case of Trade Apprentices;-

(a)        Must possess a degree or diploma in engineering or technology or equivalent qualification recognised by Government of India.

(b)        National Apprenticeship Certificate with minimum  five  years experience.

2.        In the case of Graduate Apprentices:

Must  hold  a  degree  in engineering or technology or equivalent qualification as recognised by the Government of India.

3.         In  the  case  of  Technician  and  Technician  (Vocational) Apprentices:-

Must  hold  degree  or  diploma  in engineering or certificate in Vocational courses or equivalent qualification recognised by  the Government of India.

4.      The  person  placed  in  over  all  charge  of  training of apprentices may be assisted by  such  number,  as  is  considered necessary, of shop floor or workshop personnel who have practical know how  to  guide  the  apprentices.   It is desirable that the person in charge should have industrial experience.

5.         Desirable qualification in the case of 1,2 and 3 above :

Training    in    Central    Staff    Training    and    Research Institute/Technical  Teacher  Training Institute/Central Training Institute.



 (See rule 9 A)




1.     One Trade Instructor for every 16 apprentices

2.     One Drawing Instructor for every 150 apprentices

3.     One Instructor for every 150 apprentices

         (W/Shop Calculation and Science)

4.     One Social Study Instructor for every 400 apprentices


1.     One Trade Instructor for every 40 apprentices

2.     One Drawing Instructor for every 150 apprentices

3.     One Instructor for every 150 apprentices

         (W/Shop Calculation and Science)




Essential:    (a)     (i)        Passed 10th standard

(ii)      Passed   National  Apprenticeship Certificate Examination  in  relevant   trade with  five  years  experience  in industry.


(b)   Diploma   in   Engineering/Technology  in appropriate branch with three   years experience.

Desirable :   Passed Instructor  Training  Course  in  relevant trade from any of the Advanced Training Institute or  Central  Training  Institute  for Instructors under the Directorate General of  Employment  and Training, Ministry of Labour.